How to Create a Classified Ad Web Portal That Gets Results

August 13, 2016

A classified website can provide a lucrative stream of income to those who can set it up correctly and market it effectively. Not so long ago, these two steps took a great deal of time and a considerable amount of computer programming and coding knowledge as well as marketing skills.However, a great deal of the work has been accomplished by companies that specializes in creating various classified scripts to meet the needs of multiple classified ads subjects. Tools are also now often included in classified ads scripts that help with marketing so that minimal work and investment is involved in providing maximum results and returns. The following instructions reveal how to create a successful classified web portal that gets results.Choose Your Product and Target Area NicheThe first step in creating a successful classified ad web portal is to select the product niche on which you want to focus. You can choose numerous SEO friendly PHP classified scripts, including iLister (pets, guns, travel caravans, etc), iRealty, iAuto, iMachinery, etc. For this article, the iAuto Classified Script will be used as an example.

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A target area or areas should then be selected for the classified ad website as a majority of items normally listed on such sites either cannot be shipped abroad or it is extremely difficult to do so. Pet supplies may be easily shipped to distant buyers, but pets, guns and automobiles sell best in local markets. Keep in mind, however, that a wide selection of localized areas can be created and provided through Classified Scripts to internet searchers. A good example can be found at which uses iAuto Classifieds Script as its foundational and managing source.Attract Target CustomersOnce you have your iAuto Classifieds Portal set up and running, you will want to attract customers. This is accomplished by researching your selected local markets to find out how area customers shop, what products they tend to buy, etc. In the iAuto Classified Ads example, people in Colorado may more often seek gold-colored 4×4 SUVs while Los Angeles auto shoppers may lean towards more exotic sports cars that are preferably red in color.This knowledge of local shopping needs and desires will help to attract customers by targeting highly sought after items. Offers can be created highlighting these items using creative and competitive marketing techniques to draw specific local shoppers to the website.Build Business RelationshipsAdvertisement of Classified Scripts sites can be further expanded by building relationships with key businesses that have the same niche of interest. In the iAuto example, local businesses such as auto parts and accessories stores, auto insurance suppliers and car washing facilities can be approached and offered free advertising space on the website. Not only will such businesses be attracted to your customer base, but their ads will also generate site activity from their customer base.

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Promote, Adjust, Promote!After the above steps are accomplished, the remaining work lies in promoting and tweaking your website. You should use both online and offline advertising outlets in order to lure the greatest number of visitors to your Classified Ads site. Then, make adjustments by eliminating what does not work and more effectively utilizing those methods that produce results.There are numerous online promotional sources which you can use. Some popular and effective choices are local forums, Craigslist, personal blog or guest blot contributor to related niche websites, local online newspapers and similar sources and various social media outlets (Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc).You should also utilize offline advertising whenever applicable. Post or handout flyers and business cards, take out ads in local newspapers, purchase sponsorship for local teams, events or activities, leave pamphlets at stores and businesses with QR Codes for discounts, coupons, or offers on your website, etc.

What Not To Do When Running Classified Ads

August 12, 2016

Classified ads are a great way to build your business brand and to get qualified prospects to your business or website. But to do classified advertising correctly, you will want to follow a few simple steps that you can use to improve your classified advertising results. Here’s the first thing that you will want to do to improve your classified advertising efforts.1) Avoid industry jargonNo one understands your industry jargon except for your competitors, and you shouldn’t be writing for them anyway. Your goal should be to simply and easily explain your products and services to your prospects and allow them to make a fair decision about your ad. Never use business jargon that no one understands. It’s the fastest way to scare prospects off from your ad. Here’s another thing you don’t want to do.

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2) Run one classified adTo be successful with classified ads, you have to run more than 1 ad. In fact, it can take hundreds if not thousands of ads to be successful with it. You have to run a lot of classified ads to see your results really pay off, and if you’re not good with this reality, maybe you should consider running a full page ad or a display ad.If you’re currently running one classified ad and are seeing results from it, imagine the results you would get if you ran hundreds of them. You would see your results skyrocket tenfold. Of course there’s a cost associated with this, but for the most part your efforts would be multiplied. Here’s something else you don’t want to do when running classified ads.3) Selling a product in the adThis is a big no-no. This is called one-step advertising and the only place that it is acceptable to run these kinds of ads is with full page ads. Unless you’re running a full page ad, don’t try to sell your product in your ad. Your best bet is to start off by generating a lead. You only have a small space in your classified ad, so you can’t do much with what you have.Instead, run a 2-step ad. A 2-step ad is when you offer something for free and then follow up on your prospect for more information. This is smart because you can give yourself as much space as you need to contact and further sell your prospect. If you’re currently trying to sell a product via your classified, then this is an ineffective way to go about things. Use the 2-step approach instead – it will work better for you.

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These 3 tips for earning money with classified ads work if you use them. The biggest mistake that I see all the time when doing classified advertising is people running one-step ads trying to sell a product. Don’t follow this mistake. Be different, and you will see your efforts pay off big time.Good luck with your classified advertising.

Free Online Jobs and Real Estate Classifieds Endow Web Users With Better Bargains And Deals

August 11, 2016

Free online classifieds are a great way to spread your message across the targeted audience in matter of seconds that too fruitfully and with results. The name itself suggests its best benefit that is it is accessible free of cost and can be used by both persons searching for specific products and services and persons looking for these products and services.Business entities just love these classifieds as these are pretty cost effective and can reach out to target audience and endow them with better bargains and deals. These are also proving quite resourceful for those looking forward to drive traffic on to their web site in real time with free advertisements. You will be amazed by the number of web portals pertaining to free online classifieds accessible on the World Wide Web.

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The sheer number of categories in these classified web portals will also sweep you off your feet as they tend to cover each and every fa├žade of our life like: – automobile, real estate, electronics and computers, furniture and accessories, home appliances, domestic services, travel, vacation, equipment, health, fitness and beauty, pets, astro services, jobs, musical equipments, entertainment, matrimony and a lot more. The fact that one can easily search for location specific details, make these free online classifieds more alluring and lucrative.Amid other free online classifieds, the most sought after facades in today’s avant-garde epochs are free jobs classifieds and real estate classifieds. Free online classifieds are great for small business entities which do not put aside huge sums for promotional purposes. They are extremely revealing in nature and can proffer an altogether new persona to product or service through words and pictures.Real estate classifieds lists properties and can prove very handy when it comes down to buying or selling properties or real estate. Since the varieties and diversity in these classifieds is more than one can imagine buyers can surely look forward to a very affordable and cost effective deal on these real estate classifieds. Sellers can also reach maximum targeted clients through these classifieds without incurring any cost on advertisement.Since the real estate scenario is growing by leaps and bounds in a developing country like India and more so in metro cities, real estate classifieds are fast emerging as a hot favorite to buy and sell real estate in these advanced times.

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One can easily search for free land, buildings, flats, apartments and a lot more that too in accordance with the personal and unique needs and requirements to make certain that he/ she will stumble upon the most pertaining real estate.Free jobs classifieds are also being wildly searched by aspirants and freshers to lay their hands upon some hot jobs. These classifieds can be looked upon as job banks which feature an assortment of jobs relevant to various educational backgrounds and experience. Not only job seekers but also small corporations can utilize these Free jobs classifieds to lay their hands on some fresh talent that too free of cost.

WordPress Classified Ads: How to Create Your Own Profitable Classified Ads Site With WordPress

August 11, 2016

As I’m sure you are aware, the online classifieds business is huge. Sites like Craigslist, Oodle, USFreeAds and Backpage have massive traffic every day.Did you know you can use WordPress to build your own classifieds site and get your piece of this online classifieds pie?Below are a few ideas for types of classifieds sites that could be successful:

Local Classifieds – Build a classifieds site for your town or city and charge for enhanced listings or monetize it with Google Adsense.

Niche Classifieds – Build a themed classified ads site for a niche such as toy train parts, diaper coupons, auto parts, jewelry, etc.

Personal Ads – Create a Personal Ads site for your hometown and get people to sign up and sell ads on it.

Used Autos – Create a local classified ads site to sell used cars and trucks.

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If you can get traffic to these sites and get them active, they can be worth quite a bit on the open market.There are several high quality premium WordPress themes and plugins available now to help you build classifieds sites. The one I like the most is the Classifieds Theme from Templatic. Here are some of the features of this great looking theme:

Create free or paid classified ads sites

Integrate Google Maps

Listing Inquiry forms

Email & Print Listings

Paypal Integration

Bulk Uploads

Auto Expire ListingsThere are several other WordPress classified ad systems out there. Below are a few to consider in addition to the one above:

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ClassiPress Theme – this is another really good classified ad system for WordPress with tons of features.

WP Classifieds Theme – this one has the ability to import CSV files and eBay listings. Very cool.Like I mentioned earlier in this email, you can build the classified ad and make money from it by charging for upgraded listings and for selling ads or placing Google AdSense ads on it. You can also just set it up, get a bit of traffic to it and then sell the website on a site like Flippa. It’s your choice.